Faith Over Fear Libbey(Glass can) Cup

“Faith over Fear” Vinyl Glass Can Cup

Libbey cup or glass can cup are some of the dopest cups around. How can you not like a glass can. lol They make a good gift for any occasion! Housewarming = libbey cup, birthday = libbey cup, need a "Thinking of You" gift get a customize libbey cup.

For this project I decided my "Faith Over Fear w/ a cross" would be perfect for the cup. I had the final product in my mind, gold shimmer vinyl for the cross and glossy red permanent vinyl for the words. Watch "Faith over Fear Vinyl Glass Can Cup!" to see the process! 

Now this isn't my first time using permanent vinyl on glass, but it is my first using vinyl bought of Amazon on glass. The glossy red permanent vinyl I used is from this brand called, Lya. While the gold shimmer vinyl is Cricut brand.

One thing about me is, I like to try different brands. I have used Cricut, Siser, Oracal, and even some from my local vinyl store (S/O Perfecpresshtv) and honestly I don't have a favorite. BUT I can say I will not use Dollar Tree brand vinyl again.

This project overall was pretty easy, considering I did struggle with the transfer tape and the gold simmer. *IMPORTANT NOTE: When using textured vinyl, use STRONG GRIP transfer tape.* Regular transfer tape was not cutting it.


  • Cricut Maker
  • Libbey beer can cup
  • Cricut Gold Premium Vinyl Shimmer
  • Lya Glossy Red Permanent Vinyl
  • Siser Transfer Tape
  • Cricut String Grip Tape

Faith Over Fear Libbey (Glass can) Cup

Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or interested in a customize cup.

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