Puff vinyl on apparel

Let's Get Puffed Up with Puff Vinyl!

Puff (3D) HTV has been trending all year. It is fun to use and gives a great dimension to designs on different types of apparel. I have used puff vinyl multiple times, mainly on t shirts and shorts (100% cotton) but recently tried it on a bucket hat (100% cotton?). Even with my experience using puff vinyl, I find it to be one of the trickiest types of vinyl to use. Here's a look into what I did recently.

When pressing puff vinyl, the two most important things are heat temperature & pressure. I have added examples to show what happens to puff vinyl at different heats. When I tested the neon yellow the first time, I followed what was recommended on PrimepickUSA website: 

330 F puff vinyl
 1. Time: 10 Seconds
  2. Temperature: 330 F / 165 C
  3. Pressure: Medium
  5. Please preheat the garment for 8 sec at 285F before placing the vinyl for better result
  *When the puff is wrinkled, it is too hot.
Now this was my first time using PrimepickUSA brand of puff vinyl, and since I am more familiar with PerfectPressHTV brand puff vinyl, I also used their recommended instructions:
1. Time: 10 seconds
    2. Temperature: 280 - 300 F
    3. Pressure: Medium
    4. Peel: The backing will raise off the foam
    puff vinyl at various heat temperatures

    In this image I tested at 270 F, 280 F, 290 F, & 300 F all with medium pressure and for 10 seconds.

    Final result

    "i" at 270 F, is the winner. That is the prefered look of puff vinyl. The foam is the most consistent and it is the smoothest. For me I like "i", but depending on the look you are going for, "a" and "m" can work. For the commissioned puff shirt, I was going for either "i" or "a", so I pressed the shirt at 280 F. Since I knew the person I was making the shirt, I knew they would dig a lite wrinkle effect plus with the "Spooky Halloween" font it makes it more electrifying/spooky.  

     Here is how the shirt came out. 
    "I am gay" puff shirt with neon light background


    I like working with puff vinyl and will continue to make apparel with it. Eventually in the near future I will try using it on different mediums, such as canva and more, to push the envelope on what you can do with it. I will make sure to update you guys when I do!

    As always, stay crafty! And make sure to test your puff vinyl and heat press, first. 

    My VEVOR heat press might run a little hot. 😅 PerfectPressHTV says it is normal for some presses to "run 20 +/- degrees different than the LED will show", so I might I need to get a laser thermometer to properly gauge my temperature.

     Past puff pieces.
    Puff shirts, shorts, and bucket hat
    Of course I can't forget my video on puff vinyl! Here is a look into what I did for various puff projects.
    👉 "Let's Get Puffed Up" 👇
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