Three shirts, (l) ribbed cropped "Gemini B**", (m) baby onesie "colorful teddy bear", (r) charcoal "ATL"

DTF? More like Direct To Film.

What is DTF Printing?

Direct to Film is what I am talking about. Now what is DTF? It is the a technique that involves printing your design directly on a film and then transferring it to and T-shirt. The T-shirts can be made of cotton, polyester, or mixed blend, regardless of color.

What do you need for DTF Printing (at Home)?

In order to print DTF transfers you will need a couple of things.

  • A DTF Printer (I heard you can convert an Inkjet printer into one, but I'm not going to speak on anything I haven't tried).
  • DTF Ink & Cleaning Kit
  • DTF Film
  • DTF Powder
  • DTF curing oven & Air filter.
  • Heat Press

If you are looking at the list and scratching your head, saying "This is a lot more than what I thought", keep scratching because I haven't even mentioned the cost of everything. You can buy everything separately or get it in a bundle on the low end costing $3,995 and on the high end $29,595. Of course it boils down to how you are going to use DTF.

If the list seems overwhelming, fret not! There's an alternative way to enjoy the benefits of DTF Printing without having to purchase all the materials yourself. You can opt for buying premade DTF transfers or simply send your designs to a reliable vinyl/printing shop that offers DTF services.

Buying DTF Transfers.

For me this method works best, because buying the printer and etc is too expensive, plus I do not have the space for it. To buy DTF transfers I go to my local vinyl/printing shop, PrefecPressHTV, where I can buy in-person and online premade DTF transfers and I can send them my design(s) and they can print the transfer(s) for me without breaking the bank. Prices might vary from shop to shop, but at PerfecPressHTV they have transfers starting at $1 and custom transfer starting at $2.

At the end of day.

Remember, it's essential to find what works best for you. Don't let financial constraints or limited space hold you back from experiencing the wonders of DTF transfers. For as little as $1 plus tax, you can get your hands on these incredible transfers and bring your designs to life!

Let me show you how I used my DTF transfers. In my video I am not teaching you how to use DTF, watch here. If you would like a tutorial on pressing DTF transfers, drop a comment below.

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